All your Lacquered Questions Answered!

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What is "Green Beauty"?

Green Beauty incorporates the philosophy that we should no
longer have to sacrifice our health and the environment to look and feel
beautiful! At Lacquered Lounge that includes sourcing products that are
non-toxic,vegan, cruelty free with minimal, recycled or plastic free
packaging and shipping as well as implementing processes like paper free
consultations, smaller single use implements and compostable trash

It's Beauty that's Better for YOU!

What makes Lacquered Lounge a "green beauty" salon?

All products and services have been curated to reduce the
client and the therapist’s exposure to traditional chemicals found in
beauty products and be more environmentally friendly. 

Astoria, has chosen a variety of products to be used in
services and for retail that are vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable,
organic, reusable and chemical free. 

 All “paperwork”, including consultation forms, are done
paper-free and items shipped to Bermuda have been done so with limited

Polishes, Remover, Wax ,Coffee Cups, Cleaning agents ect have been chosen with you and the environment in mind!

Being a green beauty salon means selecting products and
services that have natural ingredients and eco friendly packaging so
that we can reduce the impact on our and the environment’s health.

What products will be used?

We have several different product lines that give you “Green Beauty” with a choice! 

We carry “5-Free” nail polishes from Liquid Bermuda and
“7-Free” nail polishes from Ella+Mia, who is certified by PETA and
"10-Free" polishes from Janet and Jo , for services and retail.

Our Scrubs and Lotions, from local artisan Virgin Magnolia,
are vegan, cruelty, paraben and gluten free and we offer a Soy Based
polish remover that is more nourishing and less damaging for the nail

Beelicious Wax, used for hair removal, is a non-polymer, organic, biodegradable and compostable. 

We also retail Makeup Erasers. A revolutionary fiber makeup
remover cloth that makes removing  makeup at the end of the day chemical
free and helps eliminate 1.3 BILLION traditional makeup removal wipes
used daily.

Will I be able to purchase the products that are used in my treatments?

Lacquered carries a full array of vegan, cruelty free products for
purchase so that you can continue the #lacqueredlifestyle at home. You
can purchase in person or online anytime.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Twenty-four hour (24) notification is required for all cancelled or
changed appointments to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. Missed
Appointments will be changed 100% of service fee. 

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked online, via email or by calling. Appointments are highly recommended as walkins are not always available.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Lacquered offers gift certificates of all denominations. These can be used at the Lounge or can be purchased in person or online for no waste electronic certificates.

What do I wear to my appointment?

You are welcome to wear casual dress to Lacquered Lounge but may want to
wear loose fitting shirt , for makeup should you need to change, and
loose fitting pants for services like pedicures and, so you can fully
enjoy the leg and foot massage.

Are you available for weddings or special events?

I am available for wedding makeup and photoshoots. The Lacquered Lounge is the perfect, private place to hold an event and can be rented or I can come to your location. Email or check out the rates page for more information!

Where is Lacquered Lounge?

Lacquered's official address is Somers Wharf Unit #5, 16 Water Street, St.Georges , Bermuda GE05 or click HERE for the google map!