Cryo Globes


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Made with unbreakable stainless steel, unshatterable and freezer-friendly.


DE-PUFFINESS & DETOX : Helps stimulate the skin to boost circulation and increase oxygen in the blood in order to decrease puffiness and swelling. This also helps drain toxins from the skin. Skin detox also evens skin tone and brightens complexion by reducing dark spots and pigmentation.
ANTI - AGING / WRINKLES : Designed to help stimulate circulation and promote collagen production. This further helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, large pores, and damage caused by UV / sun exposure. Helps achieve a tighter, firmer, and younger-looking skin with a healthy glow.
SOOTHING / RELIEF : Apply all over the body to relieve muscle soreness, soothe sunburn, heal bruises, numb minor injuries, and even calm fever.

These esthepro cryo globes are very easy to use.
Just put them in the fridge 5-10 mins before cold facial or other desired treatment. The set can be stored in the refrigerator, on ice, or in the freezer.